Commercial Rendering Services in Townsville


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Townsville Texture Coating provides businesses throughout Northern Queensland and all of Australia with first-rate external and internal renders to create a design that is unique to your company. We specialise in large commercial exteriors, commercial interiors, furniture surfaces and more. Our team offers only expert rendering, from high gloss and smooth to beautifully textured surfaces. We also hold a current Code Compliance Certificate which enables us to complete all government work.

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We hold our finished work to the highest standards of quality. Our attention to detail has been a source of compliment and praise from our clients. Rendering is a trained skill, earned by mastering its application through time. Our technicians have spent years mastering our level of quality. Use of renders requires a qualification and, without this, the product will not be guaranteed.

The Benefits of High Quality Renders


There are numerous benefits to using quality renders aside from the beautiful and unique look you can achieve. One of the primary benefits is indoor air quality, which is a major priority for many businesses today. Air quality leads to better health and fewer sick days and benefits both employees and customers. As you may already know, most renders act as a water proofing and sealant. However, our natural material renders are naturally porous. This means that they allow a building structure to breathe and can play an active role in improving internal air quality.