Waterproof Rendering Services in Townsville




Townsville Texture Coating staff are trained and certified in waterproofing in addition to their rendering qualifications. Quickwall waterproofing products have been specifically designed for use in a tropical climate, they have been trialled and tested in an around the North Queensland region for 20 years.

We offer waterproofing services to new builds and extensions prior to backfill on the negative side of the wall. However, we are also highly skilled in remediations and best solutions to existing structures preventing with or without existing water damage. Once the waterproofing is complete as per specification the surface can be simply sealed, painted or rendered over to meet all budgets and design needs.

Whether you’re on the coast, live in a high rainfall area or deal with seasonal downpours, contact Craig to determine the best remedy for your needs.


The Benefits Of Waterproofing


In the wet tropics, water is an issue that needs to be considered when building or renovating. Over the summer months, high humidity and excessive rainfall can lead to issues with rising damp and general water damage, as well as mould and fungi growth.

Quickwall's waterproofing membranes and matting are the best way to prevent water damage and ensure the longevity of a range of structural surfaces. Whether you need to waterproof recently installed retaining walls, a basement, masonry surfaces or any other area prone to dampness, we have you covered. Over time, poorly-waterproofed surfaces can become unsightly and also lead to structural issues. With this being the case, it becomes apparent why using a good quality waterproofing product is so important – not only in the wet tropics, but across much of Australia.

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