Renovation Rendering Services in Townsville


Exceeding Your Renovation Standards


Whether your project is an extension, conversion, improvement, or a complete restoration inside and out, Townsville Texture Coating provides state-of-the-art rendering solutions for home or business renovations and remodels.

How it Works


Nearly all surfaces in renovated homes and businesses can be rendered, including block, ply, blueboard, timber and red brick. Although some surfaces require extra preparation prior to the textured render. Qualified tradesmen prepare the surface if required then apply a skim coat to level the surface using a trowel and float. Once dry, a second coat is applied to provide the chosen texture. The second coat is then left to set for 24 hours then the render is then sealed with Aqua seal, wax or specified paint. After the seal has dried, the surface is ready to decorate. Your home, rental property, business office, or commercial real estate will have been transformed, taking on the brand-new look and feel you set out to obtain.

Townsville Texture Coating for all Your Renovation Needs


We provide superior products, decades of experience, and all the right tools for the stunning finishes you are looking for. We’ll help you to create the perfect look, from traditional to high-gloss, transforming every surface into the masterpiece you envisioned. We’ll make your home look like new again! Contact us today to find out more or to book an appointment for an estimate.