New Home Rendering Services in Townsville


Awe-Inspiring Render Finishes for New Homes


We provide professionally rendered finishes for your new build home, creating a spectacular look right from the start. We utilise only the finest products available to create a look for your new home that will captivate and impress. Whether you are looking to create textured, smooth or glossy finishes for a rental property or for your “forever home”, Townsville Texture Coating is here to help. We’ll use our decades of experience and top-quality products to create the look and feel that will set your home apart. Our dedication to fast, reliable and quality work has made Townsville Texture Coating a staple of new home construction throughout Townsville, Northern Queensland and Australia.

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Render was Historically Used on European Homes


Over the last 20 years render has become very popular within Australia, particularly external render on large commercial works and new build homes. More recently the rendering trend has spread to internal features and rendered feature products. Render is often applied externally to existing cladded, ply or brick homes to “update” the exterior of an older home to a more modern design. However, now more than ever, rendering is used for new build homes in order to create an external designed finish that sets the home apart, giving it a unique charm and “personality”. Internally, brand-new bathroom, kitchen, living room, and bedroom walls and surfaces are perfect blank palettes to render a seamless look throughout your new home, or to create individual themed spaces. The options are endless!

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